About Us

Kickin’ Ash Vapor Solutions opened their doors in Corpus Christi, Texas December 2nd 2013. Since that day Kickin’ Ash has introduced the vaping community to a new level of quality and customer service while transforming a modern day habit into a personal lifestyle. We offer a one-stop shop for premium products in an atmosphere unlike any other.

The Kickin’ Ash team proudly provides patient and knowledgeable service to each individual. We understand that the process of “finding what works for you” deserves nothing less; and that’s what we’re all about. Several of the products and e-liquids we have available to purchase, are sold exclusively at Kickin’ Ash; ensuring different devices, accessories and flavors for you to choose from!

Enjoy the modern, relaxing and diverse environment among friends.  Breathe easy and know that Kickin’ Ash Vapor Solutions will do everything we can to help you kick your tobacco habit in the ash!

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